Monday, January 31, 2011

Secret Agent themed birthday party

 My son just turned 10! TEN!! Double digits! It's crazy! While trying to figure out how to celebrate it, I came across this party and thought it would be perfect. I only had to sweet talk my son for just a bit to get him on board with a Secret Agent themed party instead of roller skating.

Here are my Secret Agents all ready to party! The bottom one is the birthday boy.

This is the outside of the invitation- made from craft colored cardstock.

The inside is printed from my computer on regular old printer paper. It says, "You have been selected for a secret mission in honor of Mason xxxxx's 10th birthday party. Please report to HQ (address) Jan 29 from 11-1. Lunch will be served as part of your mission. Don't forget to wear black. Please notify the Agency if you are unable to attend." At the bottom it says, "This message will destruct on Jan 29 at 2:00pm."

The front door of the community building.

We had the party at a community building in a local park.  I wasn't allowed to put anything on the walls, so I kept things pretty simple.

Some of the table decorations.

When the guests arrived they were subjected to photographing, fingerprinting...

made their name badges,

and received their supply bag.  It included a black felt bag that I sewed, plastic handcuffs, a compass, a magnifying glass, sunglasses, a secret agent notebook and pen.

We had 4 different missions for the secret agents to go on. The Director (my husband) called all the agents around him and told them about each mission.

The 1st mission "Your first mission is decoding a message. Sometimes the agency will give you a message in code so it can't be read by the enemy. A good secret agent will be able to crack the code. You are to decode the message with the KEY given. Use the pen and paper that are in your supply bag to write down what the message is. Report back to the Director when you have all finished." I typed up a simple message on my computer about having fun at the party. Then I changed the font to Webdings. Then included the A-Z in webdings. The kids loved it and all worked together to figure it out.

The second mission was the Shooting Range. It said, "A good secret agent can hit their target. When it's your turn, grab a nerf gun and shoot 5 darts at the target, aiming for the center #5. (the target is one that my husband has had forever and keeps in his office. It's named Bob.) Report back to the Director when you have finished." 

The third mission was deciphering. It said, "A good secret agent can look at things from many angles to figure them out. Look at the photos included in the folder (really grainy close up shots of a camera, binoculars, a watch, a cell phone) to figure out what is pictured. Record your answers in your secret agent notebook. When you have all your answers, return to the Director for the correct answers." The kids loved this too. They couldn't figure out what any of them were, but loved looking at the photos with their magnifying glasses trying to figure it out.

The fourth and final mission was an obstacle course.  The description said, "A good secret agent can maneuver around obstacles to complete their mission.  You are to do 20 jumping jacks, walk through the laser beam field (red yarn wrapped around chair legs), detonate 2 bombs (pop 2 black balloons) and throw 2 grenades (tennis balls) into the bucket for dispoal.  When you have all finished, you may go to the Mess Hall for lunch.  The Director will meet you there

We kept lunch pretty simple with pizza, chips, carrots, apples and dips. 

And a birthday cake with sparkler candles.  It doesn't look wonderful, but it tasted pretty good.  Most of the kids came back for seconds.

Right before leaving, each of the kids was presented with a certificate stating that they had completed their training and were offically a Secret Agent.  We all had lots of fun!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Love

We've all seen the "All You Need is Love" signs all over the place right?  Well, I hadn't seen one in my house, so I remedied that situation. (Are you singing that song now?  All you need is   Love is all you need.)

 (Are you singing that song now?  All you need is   Love is all you need.)

I started with this sign.  It was a gift to one of my boys.  If I had my way, their room would be done with vintage cars and I would have hung this sign in there.  But I don't have my way - their room is Star Wars.  Boo.  Anyway- the point is, the sign wasn't being used so I commandeered it. 

I took some mod podge and kraft paper and covered those cars up...

smeared the mod podge all over and laid the kraft paper on. Not neatly. 
I tried to smooth.  It didn't work out.  So I decided I liked the imperfections. 

After that dried I dusted off my foam letter stamps and laid out my words.  I just eyeballed the placement and used craft paint to stamp them on.

Ta dah!!

I'm going to leave this up after Valentines!  I love the way it turned out -very simple and a nice sentiment!

Friday, January 14, 2011

a little love

While at Kohl's today I saw the cutest plate.  It was a red square with "love" written in white.  I almost bought it but like any good crafter, I thought- I can make that myself.  So I came home and found this plate in my stash.  I know it's a crazy pattern.  But I bought it for the shape and always intended on painting it. 
 I used glossy craft paint.  Many, many coats of glossy craft paint. 
 It didn't cover completely, but I decided I liked the stripes.  Or maybe I was just done after the 10th coat of paint. 
I was going to use my Cricut to cut some vinyl letters.  But my littlest guy is asleep right next door to my craft area and it's so not worth waking him up.  I found these glittery letter stickers and thought they would work just as well.


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The in between decorating

I have professed my love for holiday decorating over and over. So it makes me sad (but kind of happy too) to take down my Christmas decorations. And I don't want to immediately put up Valentine stuff because Valentine's Day is more than a month away and since I have a really short decorating attention span, I know I'll get sick of everything by then. So I usually do a little winter decorating.

This is my favorite thing...I put felt snowflakes on the inside of the lampshades. A little surprise when one turns on the lights.

the whole shelf

a little jar of snowballs. They are just fluffy yarn covered balls and some snowman heads from Target.

a snowman and a vase with snow (Epsom salt) and a rusty snowflake

 the dining area
Oops...there's that low decorating attention span thing happening.  This shelf changed between the 2 pics.  I added another mercury glass candlestick.  The ball is another yarn covered one and the fluff is a white tissue paper pom pom. 

Coming up next...Valentine's projects!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I've been up to

It's the New Year.  Fresh start and all that.  Time to clean and organize and I'm loving the results!

Reorganized craft area in the playroom.  I'm slowly taking over the playroom.  Last year I added my desk.  This year I moved my desk 6 more inches into the "play" part of the room and brought out my sewing machine. 

Under the kitchen sink.  This may not look like much...but it's waaay better then it was.

Other things we've been up to:

Playing in the snow.  We actually got some serious snow.  About 6inches. Tomorrow will be my kids 3rd day off from school.
Homemade cupcakes.  From scratch- not a cake mix.  First time I've ever done that.  They were yummy!  Homemade icing too. 
Getting ready for a birthday party.  It's not until the end of the month, but takes lots of planning and prep.  I can't wait.  My big boy is going to be double digits!  Crazy!!
Lots of planning going on too.  I have big ideas for this funky little corner in my bedroom. And the rest of the room too. And the kids' bathroom.  And...and....and...lots of projects in the works! 
Great start to the new year!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm still trying to dig out...

 We decided 5 days before hand to drive to Utah for the Holidays.  It's 27 hours away from our house.
 After spending an extra 5 hours in a really ugly snow storm in Wyoming, we made it!!
 We had Christmas part I in our hotel room.  It was lots of fun.  We also got to visit Grandparents on both sides, eat at lots of yummy Utah restaurants and stock up at the Quilted Bear, Deseret Book and LDS Distribution.
 After 4 days of Utah fun, we drove home and had Christmas part II at our house. 
This is what unpacking from a huge road trip, putting away Christmas gifts and decorations and getting caught up on laundry looks like.  SCARY!!  I'll hopefully be back to regularly scheduled programing soon.  As soon as all this mess gets cleaned up.  And my kids go back to school.  Not necessarily in that order.

Happy New Year!