Monday, January 31, 2011

Secret Agent themed birthday party

 Secret Agent themed birthday party
for 10 year old boy!

boy birthday party, spy birthday party

My son just turned 10! TEN!! 
Double digits! It's crazy! 
While trying to figure out how to celebrate it, 
I came across this party and thought it would be perfect. 
I only had to sweet talk my son for just a bit to get 
him on board with a Secret Agent themed party.

I made the invitation to look
like a manila folder.

birthday party invitation, diy invitation

The inside had all of the party deets.
Excuse the redaction, that information is classified!

The party was held at
a community building at a park
in our town.

The tables were decorated with faux money and
assorted secret agent gadgets.

 When each guest came,
they checked in, then were 
subject to photographing 

Those are some darn cute secret agents!!

The guests were also subject to fingerprinting

made their security badges,

and received their supply bag.

supply bag, homemade felt bag, handcuffs, magnifying glass, glasses, notebook

The guests had 4 different
missions to go on.

Mission #1

Decode a message

"Your first mission is decoding a message. 
Sometimes the agency will give you a message in code 
so it can't be read by the enemy. 
A good secret agent will be able to crack the code. 
You are to decode the message with the KEY given. 
Use the pen and paper that are in your supply bag to 
write down what the message is. 
Report back to the Director 
when you have all finished."

I typed up a simple message on my computer about 
having fun at the party. 
Then I changed the font to Webdings. 
I included an A-Z key in webdings. 
The kids loved it and all worked together to figure it out.

Mission #2

The shooting range

 "A good secret agent can hit their target. 
When it's your turn, 
grab a nerf gun and shoot 5 darts at the target, aiming for the center #5
 Report back to the Director when you have finished." 

Mission #3

Decipher photos

"A good secret agent can look at things 
from many angles to figure them out. 
Look at the photos included in the folder 
(really grainy close up shots of a camera, binoculars, a watch, a cell phone) 
to figure out what is pictured. 
Record your answers in your secret agent notebook. 
When you have all your answers, 
return to the Director for the correct answers.

The kids loved this too. 
They couldn't figure out what any of them were, 
but loved looking at the photos with their 
magnifying glasses trying to figure it out.

Mission #4

Obstacle Course

"A good secret agent can maneuver 
around obstacles to complete their mission.  
You are to do 20 jumping jacks, 
walk through the laser beam field (red yarn wrapped around chair legs),
 detonate 2 bombs (pop 2 black balloons) 
and throw 2 grenades (tennis balls) into the bucket for disposal.  
When you have all finished, you may go to the Mess Hall for lunch.  
The Director will meet you there.

pizza, apples, carrots, candy, party food

We kept lunch pretty simple with pizza, 
chips, carrots, apples and dips. 

I made a round cake
and used sparkler candles.

Right before leaving, each of the kids was presented 
with a certificate stating that they had completed 
their training and were officially a Secret Agent.  

This was such a fun party
to plan and participate in.
The kids had a blast!!


  1. That looked like a lot of fun! Very creative!

  2. FUN!! I love theme parties...makes for awesome memories!

  3. Great party, I bet the kids had a blast! I may have to copy this idea for Ryan's double digit party this summer!


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