Rainbow Book Stack and rainbow ideas round up

Are you a fan of rainbows?  I am!  They just make me so happy!  At this time of year, I just want to fill my house with the bright colors of the rainbow.  If you'd like to as well, I have a super easy rainbow DIY, then a whole bunch of rainbow crafty ideas.

Stay tuned for How to make a Rainbow Book Stack and Rainbow Craft Round up!

Rainbow Book Stack and Rainbow Craft Ideas Round up   |   Easy instructions to make a rainbow books stack and links to other rainbow crafts  |  She's Crafty

In Tennessee, late winter/early spring days can be SO gloomy.  This year it seems like it's been raining for approximately 10,567 days.  I'm pretty much over it and need some sunshine.  So until someone invents a weather machine and can make it sunny on command, I guess I'll have to make sure the inside of my house is bright and happy!

Rainbows are a great way to bring some cheerful color!  When I made a decorative book stack, I had the idea to make a rainbow book stack as well.

How to Make a Rainbow Colored Book Stack

Supplies to make a Rainbow Book Stack

Gather your supplies

  • craft paint in rainbow colors
  • paper back books
  • paint brushes
  • sandpaper

DIY instructions

  • dip paint brush in paint and lightly brush onto the spine of each book.  Brush the ends of the pages with a dry brush as well
  • let the paint dry
  • distress with sandpaper
  • stack the books in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
  • you can tie them with ribbon or leave them loose
  • And That's It!  So easy!

Rainbow Book Stack made from thrifted paper back books

I styled my rainbow book stack in a vignette with a bunch of other rainbow colors.  I can't help but stop and stare at this display because all of the colors make me so happy!  Also check out the painted riser and faux vintage cans for plants.

Rainbow Book Stack - How to decorate with rainbow colors

The Little Green Bean is a pro at rainbow colors.  Her rainbow book stack inspired me to look through by vintage books and put together a rainbow of them to go along with my painted book stack.

Rainbow Craft Round up

Rainbow craft projects round up

I have a bunch of fun, crafty, rainbow projects in my archives to add more colorful brightness to any space!  

Rainbow Craft Project Round up  |   How to color rice in rainbow colors

It is so easy to Color Rainbow Rice.  It looks darling stacked in levels in a glass jar to display on a shelf or table.  Grab some clipping from the yard and make a fun centerpiece for this time of year!  

Rainbow Craft Project Round up  |   How to make a rainbow table runner

While you're at it, you can easily make a Rainbow Table Runner.  It's made the same way as a table riser, then painted with rainbow stripes.  This would look so cute displayed on your dining room table.  Which reminds me, I need to pull this back out and put it on my table for the season!

Rainbow Craft Project Round up  |   How to make a DIY lighted rainbow fabric banner

If you are looking for something festive that hangs, you could make a Lighted Rainbow Fabric Banner.  It's super easy to do with fabric scraps and a strand of lights.  

Rainbow Craft Project Round up  |   How to make a rainbow wall hanging

And last but not least is Rainbow Pom Pom Wall Decor.  This one is very inexpensive and easy to make!  You could make several of them and hang them around a room for a party.  In fact, I think I'm going to do just that!

Hopefully you have found a fun craft or 2 here today.  From the Rainbow Book Stack to Rainbow Pom Pom Wall Decor, there are tons of craft ideas to incorporate fun rainbow colors into your home or party!