Make a Graduation Display in your Home

Do you have a High School Senior that is/was supposed to graduate this year?  Has their graduation been cancelled, like my daughter's?  Since I can't throw a party (yet) to celebrate my girls accomplishments, I put up a Graduation Display in my house.

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With the cancellation of school, my High School Senior daughter is missing out on many events including Prom, Senior Week and the Awards Ceremony.  But one of the most painful is Graduation, especially since she is one of the Valedictorians.  I am guessing that there will be some sort of ceremony at some point, but it won't be the one that was planned and it won't happen the way she was thinking it would.  Talk about disappointment!

graduation display at home for seniors

Since there is nothing I can do to make her graduation happen, I figured I could at least make a display to celebrate her in our home.

graduation display at home for seniors  -  cap and gown photos

Graduation Photo

First thing I did was take cap and gown pics of my girl.  I order all of my photos from Mpix.  My favorite thing to do is get them enlarged and mounted, then they don't have to be framed.  I just love that look.  Mpix is so quick and the quality is amazing! (this is not an ad- I really am a big fan)

graduation display at home for seniors  -  baby photo display

Photo Display

Next I did a display of baby/childhood photos of my girl.  

graduation display at home  -  rainbow rice jar filler, photo display, photo clips

I placed rainbow rice in a large thrifted jar.  It would look so cute in school colors too, in fact I might go back and do that.  I placed the jar on books from the rainbow book stack I made last month.

graduation display at home  -  rainbow rice jar filler, photo display, photo clips

I gathered photos of my girl from various ages and placed them on clips.  Tutorial for how to make the clips hereBonus:  We've loved looking at the photos and talking about her childhood!

graduation display at home  -  class of 2020 vinyl art

Class of 2020 sign

I made a Class of 2020 sign from vinyl - tutorial here. I also gathered various awards my girl has received and her senior pictures to round out the display.

Graduation display at home- photos, awards, trophies

The display is right inside our front door.  Of course no one is coming over to see it right now, but we can see it.  And we love celebrating our girl!

Graduation display at home - celebrate your graduate with a display of photos and awards in your home

A Graduation Display in your home is the perfect thing to celebrate your Senior who is not able to have a regular graduation.