10 smart Back to School Ideas

Read on for 10 Smart Back to School ideas.

10 smart Back to School Ideas - help get your school year off to a great start with these ideas

It's August so that means Back to School is upon us!  This is such an exciting, but somewhat stressful time of year.  This year we've had extra long and extra lazy days of summer, so it could be challenging to get into school day routines. 

These 10 Smart Back to School Ideas can help with that. 

Back to School Ideas - make a landing zone for backpacks

Landing Zone

My kids have been going to school for over 14 years.  This is the number one tip that has kept my sanity- having a landing zone.  It's a place for them to habitually hang their backpacks and place their shoes.  It helps to always know where their stuff is so there's no last minute scramble as we leave in the morning. 

Back to School Ideas - back to school preparation school supplies, expo markers, notebook, pencils, folders

Back to School Preparation

Sometimes the best thing we can do for school is be prepared.  These 5 ideas, including school supply shopping, lunch and clothes ideas can help get your school year off to a good start!

Back to School Ideas - first day of school printables

First Day of School Printables

An essential part of back to school is taking first day of school photos.  These Free Printables are a great way to remember your kids' first days of school.  That Kindergartener pictured above is going in to 7th grade this year.  (sniff)

ABC banner

If you'd like to add a little back to school spirit to your home decor, make this ABC banner.  It's a super simple craft that you can get done lickety split!

Nap Mat Cover

If you have a pre-schooler or Kindergartener that goes to all day school, they may need a nap mat.  And if they have a nap mat, then they need a nap mat cover.  Check out this tutorial for making a nap mat cover.

Personalized Pencil Pouch

Your kids probably need a pencil pouch anyway, why not make them a personalized one to add some pizzazz to their school supplies.  This one was made from a canvas bag that could be personalized any way you'd like.

Ideas for Connecting with your Kids

I have found that the rides to and from school are very precious.  They are the perfect time to talk with my kids and find out the things on their minds.  Here are some ideas for Connecting With Your Kids

Free Printable m and m get to know you activity

Ice Breaker game

If you're a teacher, in the PTA or a room mom, you know an ice breaker game is a great way for students to get to know one another.  This M and M ice breaker game is a crowd pleaser!

Back to School Dinner

A back to school dinner is a fun family tradition.  You can introduce a Yearly Theme with a quick lesson, have a and don't forget the cute decor!  You know I love any excuse to decorate!

Encouraging Treats

After a long day at school, it's so fun for your students to come home to an encouraging treat!  The first week of school is exhausting, so I like to get my kids treats to help encourage them on Friday. 

Back to School is such a fun but maybe stressful time!  With just a little bit of preparation, you can make it a fun and exciting time of year.  Use these 10 smart Back to School Ideas to help you and your family get ready. 

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