DIY Mixed Metal Display Stands

Have you ever wondered if you could mix metals?  Have you seen the plethora of candle sticks and metal plates available at the thrift store?  Why not combine them and make DIY Mixed Medal Display Stands!!  

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Sometimes when I shop at the thrift store, I grab things that I know exactly what I'll do with them- like make artwork and cloches from thrift store glass.  Other times, I just pick up cool pieces and wait for inspiration to strike in how I will use them.  That is where these display stands came from.  

I have had a collection of silver trays for a long time because I just can't seem to stop myself from grabbing them when I see them for a couple of dollars at the thrift store.  I also can't seem to pass up brass/metal candle sticks.  So I decided to combine them to make display stands.

How to Make Display Stands from Metal Thrift Store Finds

Brass candle stick and silver plate to make a display stand.

As I was combing through my collections in the garage, I came upon a bunch of brass candle sticks and silver plates.  I haven't used either of these collections in a while so I challenged myself to do something with them.

Use E6000 to attach metals together.

I love patina and the look of mixed metals, so I decided to attach the silver plates and brass candle sticks together to make a stand.  I used E6000, which is my adhesive of choice for non porous surfaces.  I squeezed (or squooze... what is the past tense of squeeze anyway??)  out E6000 along the lip at the top of the candle stick.  

Mixed Metal Display Stands.

I turned the plate face down on my work surface, centered the candle stick and stuck it on the bottom of the plate.  I like to do it this way so I can get the candle stick directly in the center and it is easier when it's upside down. Place a book (or something similar) on top of the candle stick for pressure and let the glue dry for several hours.  

Ceramic Skulls sitting on display stands with spanish moss.

Once the glue is dry, the stands are ready to display!  I grabbed some ceramic skulls from the dollar store and placed them on the stands.  I used spanish moss to add a little cushion on the stands.  An added bonus is that the moss looks creepy too.  

Display pumpkins on mixed metal stands.

The larger stands make the perfect place to display some light up pumpkins.  Or faux terra cotta pumpkins would look great too!  You could even display candles on these.

DIY Mixed Metal Display Stands.

Mixed Metal Display Stands are the perfect project to use thrift store finds in a new way!