Top Crafty Posts of 2021

If you're looking for a list of crafty posts, I've got you.  Today I'm sharing my Top Crafty Posts of 2021!  

Top Crafty Posts of 2021 pinterest pin

It's the beginning of the year so as a blogger it's a requirement that I post my top posts.  Just kidding, it's not required, but I do really like to look back.  Last year was an interesting year.  Actually I didn't really like 2021.  But as I looked back at all of the projects I posted about, I realized I did a lot of fun projects.  

Sharpie Shiplap Picture Ledge

Top Posts of 2021 - Sharpie Shiplap picture ledge shelf

In January of last year, I decided to make an accent wall in my living room.  I painted the wall, then used a sharpie to make lines to look like shiplap.  Then I hung some narrow shelves for pictures ledges.  See the full tutorial here.  

Thrift Store Haul 

Top Posts of 2021 - thrift store haul for January

If you've been around here for a while, you know that I love thrifting and using all that fun stuff!  I shared my Thrift Store Haul for January.  Which reminds me, I want to go thrifting very soon and start doing posts about my hauls again!

DIY Movie Marquee Sign

Top Posts of 2021 - How to Make a Movie Marquee

In our family, we have movie nights every Friday night.  We order pizza and gather in our living room to hang out and view a show.  Every now and then, I like to spice up our weekly movie nights with a little decoration.  For that purpose, I made a DIY Movie Marquee Sign out of foam core and battery operated lights.  

Thrift Store Plant Containers

Top Posts of 2021 - Thrift Store Plant Containers

Last year I really got into house plants.  The thrift store is a treasure trove for finding unique containers to house those plants.  So I turned several of my thrift store finds into Thrift Store Plant Containers.

Boxwood Wreath

Top Posts of 2021 - DIY Boxwood Wreath

After seeing faux boxwood wreaths in the store, for a lot of moolah, I decided to use some clippings from my own bushes to make a DIY Boxwood Wreath.  For pennies, I made a wreath out of fresh boxwood that dries so pretty!

Living Room Spring Home Tour

Top Posts of 2021 Spring Home Tour

Speaking of that boxwood wreath, I used it in a display on my Spring Home Tour of Living Room.

Birthday Bouquet

Top Posts of 2021 birthday bouquet

Do you have someone in your life that says they don't want anything for their birthday?  Me too!  And a Birthday Bouquet made with their favorite treats is the perfect gift!

DIY Pen Holder for Journal

Top Crafty posts 2021 - pen holder for journal

I was in charge of crafts for Girls Camp this year.  One of the projects we did was a pen holder for Journals.  This was a super simple project that is actually really helpful.  I've made several pen holders for my journals at home.

Key Chain Lip Balm Holder

Top crafty posts of 2021 - keychain lipbalm holder

This was another Girls Camp project.  I made these for all of the leaders that volunteer their time and energy to chaperone girls camp.  It was super handy to have a chapstick holder to hang on their name lanyard.

Cinnamon Pumpkins

Top Craft posts 2021 cinnamon pumpkins

In the fall, I did one of my favorite projects that made my house smell so wonderful - cinnamon pumpkins.  I loved how these rustic pumpkins look sitting in a bowl.  

These projects (and so many more) were some of the best of my blog for 2021.  As I have thought back on everything that went on in my family and in the world in the past year, there were many things that I really don't want to remember.  But looking back at these projects reminds me that even when things are bleak and yucky, there are still pockets of joy and good things that happen which fills me with hope for 2022.