The Best Supplies to Buy at Dollar Tree

 Check out this list of The Best Supplies to Buy at Dollar Tree.

A list of the Best Supplies to Buy at Dollar Tree

Are you a fan of shopping at the dollar store?  I haven't always been.  I'm not a fan of cheap . . . I'm just going to say it . . . crap.  But I am a fan of inexpensive supplies!  So after a little bit of trial and error, I have come up with a list of things to buy at Dollar Tree!

  • Scissors

The best things to buy at Dollar Tree - scissors

I love buying scissors at Dollar Tree.  Yes I have expensive scissors and yes I use them to cut fabric.  But I keep them hidden in my sewing drawer and try not to use them BECAUSE THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE.  I like using scissors from the dollar store because I don't have to worry if they get used, if they get lost or if they cut something that they aren't supposed to, like wire.  They are super inexpensive to replace.  And actually, they last a pretty long time too.  

  • Paper Party Goods

Favorite dollar store supplies - paper party goods

I like to buy party supplies at Dollar Tree, especially napkins.  I use the white beverage napkins for our every day napkins.  They fit perfectly in our napkin holder.  I also like the plastic table cloths for parties.  I think the plates are a little flimsy if they are used single, but you can double them up to make them stronger.  

  • Poster Board

Favorite Dollar store products - poster board

You cannot beat the price of posterboard at Dollar Tree.  I also like to buy their foam core for project pieces.  I usually keep a few pieces of posterboard and foam core on hand because I always seem to need some.  

  • Candles

things to buy at Dollar Tree - unscented candles

I LOVE the unscented white candles at Dollar Tree.  I use them all the time to make holiday candles, put in my candle holders for holiday d├ęcor and for table settings.  I like the unscented ones so they don't interfere with food or the other scents in my home.

  • Wooden Clothespins

Things to buy at Dollar Tree - wooden clothespins

Wooden clothespins are a very versatile supply to keep on hand.  I use them to close chip bags, to attach gift tags to gifts, to hang things on twine, to keep papers together . . . so many things!  You can even customize them with paint, letter stamps or washi tape.  The dollar store package gives you 36.  

  • Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

Great supplies to buy at The Dollar Store - hair ties and bobby pins

Hair ties and bobby pins have a habit of disappearing at my house.  So that's why I like to buy them from the dollar store.  When they are super cheap, one doesn't mind losing them!

  • White Mugs and Dishes

Dollar Store Supplies - white mugs and dishes

I love the white mugs and dishes available at Dollar Tree.  They are actually the ones I use every day.  I store them on the open shelves in my kitchen because they look so good.  They hold up after being washed in the dishwasher as well.  I think they'd also be a part of great gift basket!  

  • Disposable Baking Pans

Disposable baking pans - great supplies to buy at Dollar Tree

Every now and then, I take meals to people in my church and to our missionaries.  There's nothing worse than taking a meal to someone and then having to collect your dish.  I like to keep a supply of disposable baking dishes on hand to deliver those meals.  That way they can be tossed after the meal is consumed.  You can even find some of these metal dishes with lids.  

  • Cold Weather Supplies

knit gloves - awesome dollar store supplies

Gloves (much like hair ties) have a tendency to walk away at my house.  I love buying knit gloves at dollar tree.  When they get left at school or worn for playing in mud, no biggie.  Dollar Tree even has gloves that can be used with touch screens.  Awesome score for $1!  

  • Serving/Baking Utensils

Buy Serving utensils at Dollar Tree

Serving and Baking Utensils are another great thing to buy at Dollar Tree.  When you've bought it for so inexpensively, you don't feel bad about tossing it out when it gets ruined.  Or left at a pot luck.  I especially like these small utensils that are available at Dollar Tree right now.

  • Candy

The best thing to buy at Dollar Tree - candy

My very favorite thing to buy at Dollar Tree is candy!  You can find all different kinds and try new ones - like Tootsie Roll Bites and Nerds Gunny Clusters - both delicious by the way!  

Favorite Supplies to buy at Dollar Tree

Those are all of my Favorite Supplies to buy at Dollar Tree.   Dollar Tree is a great place to buy so many things!  Do you have a favorite thing to buy there? I'd love to hear about it.  

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