Top Crafty Projects of 2020

Top Posts of 2020 that can help you Craft a Creative Life.

Top Crafty Posts of 2020 to help you create the life you want

This post is one of my favorites all year.  I love looking back at all of the previous year's projects.  2020 threated to derail everything, but looking at all of these posts reminds me that lots of good things happened last year.

Top Posts of 2020 on She's Crafty

Kids Bathroom Makeover for under $100

KIDS BATHROOM MAKEOVER   One of my favorite projects in all of 2020 was the makeover I did in my kids bathroom.  It took less than 2 days and less than $100.  And it looks as good now and it did then.  So if you've been putting off giving your space a fresh look because of time or budget constraints, this post will show you how easy it can be.  

Family Traditions for each month of the year

MONTHLY FAMILY TRADITIONS   This list of Traditions, are great suggestions for creating memories in your family, each month of the year.  We kind of got off track last year, I wonder why?  But this list will help us continue these traditions this year.

Heart stuffies from thrift store shirt

STUFFED HEART DECOR   I made these Heart Stuffies for home décor from a thrift store shirt and some extra fabric.  They look so cute grouped together in a basket for Valentine's Day.  I'm pretty sure I'll be making more this year. 

How to make a Decorative Book Stack

BOOK STACK   Decorating with books was a big trend in home decorating for the past few years.  I made this version of DIY Decorative Book Stacks with our name on it.  I loved doing this project because it is an almost no-cost piece of home décor.  

Decorative Wooden risers for Home Décor

WOODEN RISERS  A great way to elevate plants or decorative items in your home is to use Risers.  They are a simple project to make and add layers to decorative vignettes.

Simple Kitchen Makeover - peg rack, dish rack and sideboard

KITCHEN MAKEOVER   I gave my kitchen a small makeover last year by painting, taking down upper cabinets and building open shelves for our dishes.  I also made a DIY Dowel Peg Rack , a Dish Rack and then used that upper cabinet to make a Sideboard for our Dining Room. This makeover was super affordable, just like the kids bathroom.

Marquee Letter Shelf DIY

LETTER SHELF   I added a Marquee Letter Shelf to my craft room.  I love changing up the message.  In fact, I think I need to change it up today!

11 Shelf Ideas - board and batten

SHELF IDEAS   I have a thing for shelves, obviously.  In this post I walked around my house and took pics of all of the different ones I have adorning the walls of our home.  I came up with 11 Shelf Ideas and included how I made them.  

Home MTC tips and tricks to make it a great experience

HOME MTC   My son got his mission call for our church and completed training or Home MTC at our house.  It was a really neat experience for him and for our family.  I answered a bunch of questions that I wish someone had answered for me when we were in the thick of it.  

Vision Board - what it is and why you need one

VISION BOARD   I think it's really important to have a place that reminds me of my goals and to display the things that inspire me, so that is why I created a Vision Board.  I recovered a recovered a cork board that wasn't being used and collected quotes and photos.

Simple DIY wooden shelves to display plants

PLANT SHELVES   During quarentine, my daughter and I decided to adopt some plants.  With our new plant babies, she needed a place to display them in her room so I made and hung some Simple Plant Shelves.

Little Habits that make a Big Difference

LITTLE HABITS   To go along with my vision board, I found that the secret to making lasting change in our lives is to do simple things consistently.  Check out the Little Habits that Make a Big Difference.

These Top Posts of 2020 were a fun look back at a year that has a terrible reputation.  If I can make these projects happen in a crazy year, I look forward to what 2021 holds!  

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