Halloween Home Tour - farmhouse style vignettes

It's no secret that I love holiday decorating.  Usually I'm in a big hurry to "get it done" so I can move on to something else.  This year has been a little bit different.  I challenged myself to not spend any money.  So instead of quickly running to the store to buy what I want, I have been going a little slower in my decorating to make good choices.  I have been designing and making new decor pieces as I set everything set up .  I'm excited for you to see it all in my Halloween Home Tour!

Halloween Home Tour - farmhouse style vignettes  |  She's Crafty

This year I have been all about the reuse and repurposing in my Halloween home decor.  Almost everything I have is from years past or items that I have reused from other projects.  It's been a lot of fun and has pushed me creatively to try not to spend any money.  

Halloween Home Tour - Farmhouse Style Vignettes

I was able to put together several farmhouse style vignettes around my home.  I used every day home decor, Halloween decor, and new items I made.

Halloween Home Entrance

I kept our front entrance pretty simple.  I layered some rugs and hung my Fall Grapevine Wreath on the door.  But the main thing I was looking forward to using was my vintage ladder.  

Halloween Home Tour - farmhouse style home entrance  |  She's Crafty

Pumpkin Pail mum holders

I had yellow mums leftover from my daughter's birthday but really wanted to incorporate orange into the color scheme.  So I put those yellow mums into pumpkin trick or treat buckets.  Then I hung the buckets on the ladder with zip ties.

Halloween Home Tour - pumpkin bucket mum holder  |  She's Crafty

DIY twig brooms

Beside the front door I put a tall bucket of brooms and a broom parking sign.  To make the brooms (except the mini one my kids used to use to sweep) I gathered twigs and dried greenery from my yard, that I zip tied to branches or a dowel.  Then I wrapped twine around the zip tie.  The broom parking sign tutorial is coming up next week.

Halloween Home Tour - broom parking with diy twig brooms  |  She's Crafty

Bats in the Window

I hung our favorite bats in the window that we do every year.  

Halloween Home Tour - bats in the window

I also hung orange Halloween lights around the window.  It looks so awesome at night!  

Halloween Home Tour - bats in the window, orange lights  |  She's Crafty

Halloween Home Decor Vignettes 

I can't help but spread a little Halloween love all over my house!

Living Room

This gray cabinet is always one of my favorite places to decorate.  It's one of the first things visible inside my front door, which makes it the perfect place to set the tone for my home.

Halloween Home Tour - skeleton and pumpkin vignettes  |  She's Crafty

I used a vintage black shutter from my stash and the Halloween Neon Light from last year.  I also added several skulls, fabric pumpkins, real pumpkins and the vintage typewriter that I've had for a while but never used.

Halloween Home Tour - Halloween neon light  |  She's Crafty

One of my favorite things to decorate with is photos of my favorite people.  I had photos from past Halloweens printed and mounted for our picture ledge shelves.  Just looking at those babies makes my heart so full!

Halloween Home Tour - yearly costume photos displayed as decor  |  She's Crafty

Above our couch are more bats and Boo blocks.  I made the pillow cover from towels purchased from the Target Dollar Spot.  I sewed around 3 edges and then tied the 4th closed with ribbon.

Halloween Home Tour - paper bats, vintage windows  |  She's Crafty

Dining Room

Another spot in my house that always gets some holiday love is the Farmhouse Shelving Unit in our dining room.  I put my collection of Pumpkin Face candy jars, my collection of vintage scales and my collection of cutting boards.  I may or may not have a few too many collections.  I also recently made a new sign with our family name, similar to this one.  

Halloween Home Tour - pumpkin treat jars on farmhouse shelving unit  |  She's Crafty

On our mantel, aka door knob shelf, I used 2 vintage window screens, a haunted house sign (tutorial soon) a wreath I made from dried bittersweet and a bunch of candles.  

Halloween Home Tour - Halloween mantel |  She's Crafty

This truly is one of my favorite mantels I've ever done, and I've done a lot over the years!

Halloween Home Tour - Halloween mantel |  She's Crafty

As always, I have to keep our table centerpiece simple, because we use the table to eat at, every single day.  

Halloween Home Tour - Halloween mantel and table centerpiece |  She's Crafty

On top of an old shutter, that I hot glued knob feet onto, I placed a vase full of bats, twigs and glittered stems.  I also used 2 chalkboard tombstones, and some candles in repurposed metal candle holders.

Halloween Home Tour - Halloween table centerpiece |  She's Crafty

Last but not least, I placed my kid's trick or treat bags near the door, underneath our Halloween Rules Sign.

Halloween Home Tour - Halloween trick or treat bags |  She's Crafty

I hope you enjoyed the Halloween Home Tour full of Farmhouse Style Vignettes.  I really enjoyed reusing old decor in new ways as I put everything together!

Halloween Home Tour - Farmhouse Style Vignettes  |  She's Crafty

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