Halloween Home Décor - spooky ideas for every room in your home

Find Halloween Decorating Inspiration for every room in your house.

Halloween Home Decor - inspiration for every room in your house

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Halloween Home Décor

Our house has been properly spookified and I am ready to share all of the details.  I didn't just stop at one room... no sireee!  I decorated almost all of the rooms of our house and it was so much fun!  This is a very photo heavy post, so grab your beverage, relax and enjoy the home tour!  

Living Room  . . . . . . . . . .

Our living room is the first room to be seen when walking into our front door.  It's also the room that our family spends the most time in, so it's where I concentrate a lot of my holiday décor.

Halloween Home Decor - living room

I recently hung my collection of vintage sifters and other hoops in my living room above the board and batten   side note: It's hard to believe the board and batten and the post about it was done 10 years ago.  I added a table behind my couch with a lamp, a pile of fabric pumpkins and my beloved pothos plant.  I placed a large blanket scarf as a throw over the corner of the couch and piled a bunch of pillows on the couch.

Halloween Home Decor - living room, cupboard decor

This hutch in our living room is always a favorite decorating spot!  See last year's decorations here.  This year I filled the cabinet with all sorts of Halloween goodies that I dug out of my storage bins!  at the bottom, I filled the shelf with books, a stack of vintage tools boxes and a trick or treat sign I got at a boutique.

Halloween Home Decor - living room cupboard, rustic witch, vintage suitcases

On the top of the hutch I placed my little witchy that you've probably seen around here for years and years.  My mom bought it for me at a boutique a long time ago.  I placed her sitting next to a pile of vintage suitcases.

Halloween Home Decor - living room cupboard, ceramic houses, haunted house sign

I stuck a DIY Haunted House sign on the back wall of the hutch and placed a variety of  ceramic and metal houses on the shelf.  On some of the houses, I glued on orange circles and black bats punched from paper.  I placed several houses on top of vintage books and rounded out the scene with small velvet pumpkins.

Halloween Home Decor - BOO marquee letters, bat springs

On the next shelf  I placed my vintage BOO marquee letters.  BTW- you can easily make your own with this tutorial.  I grabbed some vintage springs from my stash and hot glued paper bats to the end.  Every year I display the little skeleton and ghost tea light holders which are one of the very first Halloween decoration I ever bought.  I love them so much!

sources:   marquee letters

Halloween Home Decor - layered vintage pieces, ceramic pumpkins

On the other side of our living room is my favorite green hardware cabinet.  On top is a wood shelf that I filled with vintage books.  On top of that I placed ceramic white pumpkins.  I leaned vintage white shutters against the wall and hung a wall pocket with dried flowers from my garden.

sources:  white pumpkins

Halloween Home Decor - picture ledge shelves with Halloween family pics

On our picture ledge shelves, I placed photos of my kids from past Halloweens.  I printed photos in 8x10 and 11x14 sizes, then mounted (aka glued) them on foam core.  I topped off the vignette with small white pumpkins and paper bats.

halloween home decor - entry table, bats, vintage layers

On our entry way table, I layered a bunch of vintage items from my stash.  I used a window screen, a cash register drawer, a tool box, and a wooden box. On top of the wooden box I styled a house plant in a buffalo check bucket.  Above the table is my door knob shelf.  On it, I placed faux bittersweet, a collection of brass candlesticks, wooden bats, and a cement pumpkin that I bought here.

halloween home decor - entry table, bats, vintage layers

I collected leaves from my yard to display under the bill holders on the cash register drawer.  I made a little 31 card from paper craft supplies and placed it on a pick stuck into the plant.  

Dining Room  . . . . . . . . . .

Our dining room is right off of our living room.  We eat dinner at our table every night, so any décor that I place in this room, cannot interfere with the function.

Halloween Home Decor - dining room shelves - vintage style

Our sideboard sits beside our dining room table.  Above the side board are our Corbel Shelves.  I know I say this about a lot of areas in our house, but these shelves are one of my most favorite places to style!  I pulled out a bunch of vintage bakeware to add to these shelves.  I thought it was the perfect place for all of those treasures.  I rounded the vingette off with several handmade projects.  Check out the tutorial for twig brooms here.

Halloween home deocr - shelf decor, cinnamon applesauce pumpkins, vintage layers

I found a tutorial for cinnamon applesauce pumpkins here, and placed them on a stack of vintage cake pans.  The wooden 31 is from a boutique.  I placed vintage cookie cutters in a glass jar and velvet pumpkins around the shelves.  I leaned crusty metal pans against the wall and placed magnetic letters onto them.

Halloween Home Decor - shelf styling, vintage dishes, velvet pumpkin

I piled a bunch of thrift store saucers with a cute velvet pumpkin on top.  Next to the plates is a vintage jar of black and orange glitter balls.  I hot glued a paper bat to a piece of wire and stuck it in the jar.

Halloween Home Decor - wall art, halloween rules

Underneath the shelves I placed my Halloween Rules sign, above a collection of candles.  Nothing like candlelight for spooky ambiance.

Halloween Home Decor - dining room table centerpiece

Since the shelves were super busy, I kept the table centerpiece very simple with a black shutter, ceramic pumpkins and branches and bats.  

Kitchen . . . . . . . . . .

This year I decided to to add some décor to our kitchen.  Again, our house isn't super big so I always have to make sure all of our spaces stay functional.  My husband is a pretty patient guy but I don't want to press my luck!  :)

Halloween Home Decor - kitchen decor, what to put in windowsill

In the windowsill above our kitchen sink, I placed our pumpkin succulent holders and I added a small Halloween sign to a plant that always resides in this window.  

Halloween Home Decor - countdown calendar for Halloween

We have a tradition of using a magnetic calendar for October, November and December.  It's one of our favorite family traditions.  Even though one of my kids is on a mission and the other is away at college, the last kid at home still enjoys doing the magnetic calendar.

Halloween Home Decor - kitchen decorated for Halloween

There is a tutorial here for How to make a Halloween Kitchen Towel.

Halloween Home Decor - kitchen home decor

There is a tutorial here for this Halloween Sign.  

Halloween Home Decor in the kitchen - jack o lantern cannister jars

And don't miss the entire tour of our kitchen decorated for Halloween.

I hope you enjoyed my home tour of Halloween Home Décor.  I hope you're inspired to decorate your home!